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Opened countries

at Austria   au Australia   be Belgium
ca Canada   ch Switzerland   cz Czech Republic
de Germany   dk Denmark   es Spain
fi Finland   fr France   gb United Kingdom
hr Croatia   hu Hungary   ie Ireland
it Italy   mx Mexico   nl Netherlands
no Norway   nz New Zealand   pt Portugal
ro Romania   se Sweden   si Slovenia
sk Slovakia   us United States of America      


Opened countries

North America

ca.png Canada   mx.png Mexico   us.png United States of America


at.png Austria   be.png Belgium   hr.png Croatia
cz.png Czech Republic   dk.png Denmark   fi.png Finland
fr.png France   de.png Germany   hu.png Hungary
ie.png Ireland   it.png Italy   nl.png Netherlands
no.png Norway   pt.png Portugal   ro.png Romania
sk.png Slovakia   sk.png Slovakia   si.png Slovenia
es.png Spain   se.png Sweden   ch.png Switzerland
gb.png United Kingdom            


au.png Australia   nz.png New Zealand      



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