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ASEA VIA Source is a dietary supplement containing micronutrients
Wholefood, which optimizes cell health and overall wellbeing
supported. This proprietary blend of vitamins, minerals, phyto-
nutrients, organic superfoods, trace elements and enzymes has the
from ASEA's patented BioAmplify ™ Absorption Complex, which has the necessary
Components provides maximum bioavailability of all nutrients in the body
VIA Source. The ASEA VIA dietary supplements were
purposefully designed to work with ASEA.



ASEA VIA Source has been engineered to provide optimal bioavailability
is guaranteed. Our body absorbs nutrients from wholesome foods
better than from synthetic sources, because full-fledged, natural living
In addition to the important vitamins also contain their cofactors - others
Nutrients that occur naturally in foods and with every vitamin
interact to increase its absorption. An orange for example contains
is rich in vitamin C, but is also rich in bioflavonoids that help the body
To take vitamin C. Vitamins never occur alone in nature, but instead
together with trace elements, phytonutrients and other vitamins, and
in combinations that the body recognizes as food. All nutrients in
VIA Source are from wholesome food.



VIA Source was developed by experts and not only contains a comprehensive variety
Vitamins and minerals your body needs, but also nutrient cofactors
increase bioavailability. This is done with the help of five techniques.

Glycoprotein-Ferment matrix

To make sure the nutrients in VIA Source come from a full-value source,
We use a nutrient yeast that is in a special high-content environment
Vitamins and minerals is bred. Like a plant, the nutrients from the
Soil takes off as it makes fruits and vegetables, the yeast takes them while growing them
Nutrients on. This creates a glycoprotein matrix that combines the vitamins and minerals in one
Contains form that recognizes the body. The yeast is then processed in a special process
deactivated so that only bioavailable, easily digestible vitamins and minerals are left.

Meticulous selection

ASEA strictly adheres to VIA Source's every nutrient in its most absorbable
To use shape. This is evident in the decision to make calcium and magnesium out of one
bioavailable, natural red algae extract to use and wholesome superfoods from the
to use the whole world. So this product gets its unique profile with full-fledged,
Certified organic superfoods that are not found in most western diets.

B complex vitamins

From the extracts of Indian basil, lemon and guava, which are known to be rich
B vitamins are present in a natural ferment extraction process, the B complex
Vitamins won for VIA Source. These natural nutrient combinations are the
Foundation stone of VIA Source. They provide the building blocks for healthy cells and complement those
general nutrition.


Superfoods are the most nutritious fruits, vegetables and plants from all over the world. each
The certified organic superfoods in VIA Source has been concentrated due to its multitude of
Phytonutrients selected. The superfoods in VIA Source have a natural
Rich in flavonoids and proanthocyanidins to protect the body from oxidative stress
protect indole-3-carbinol to support a healthy immune response as well as carotenoids,
to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system.

BioAmplify™ Absorption Complex

For even better nutritional intake, VIA Source contains a unique blend of
Enzymes and their cofactor minerals. This patented complex called BioAmplify ™,
It has been proven to help the body get the most out of any nutrient.



  • Supports cell health, overall nutrition and well-being throughout the body.
  • Helps to absorb nutrients with the patented BioAmplify ™ Absorption Complex.
  • Provides nutrient building blocks for a synergistic effect with ASEA.


Main features

  • Provides the nutrient building blocks that work synergistically with ASEA.
  • All nutrients come from wholesome foods.
  • Contains vitamins and minerals in a glycoprotein ferment, a process that transports nutrients through
    Natural fermentation converts into a protein matrix, making vitamins and minerals more stable
    and their bioavailability is increasing.
  • Contains both macro and marine trace minerals from red algae, a unique
    vegetable source that offers higher bioavailability than minerals from other sources.
  • Contains certified organic superfoods - a combination of the most nutritious green and
    Natural berry fruits - for the guaranteed maximum content of phytonutrients and the
    Preservation of these nutrients through a drying process with low heat development.
  • Contains B vitamins extracted from Indian basil, lemon and guava. These
    Vitamins are then naturally produced through a proprietary fermentation process
    concentrated, which supports the activity and stability of B complex vitamins.
  • Contains organic trace elements from an ancient plant source that are not modern
    Was subjected to cultivation methods. Since these minerals are present in unadulterated form, are
    they are rich in nutrients that are not included in the typical western diet.
  • Contains sources of natural phytonutrients such as polyphenols and carotenoids as well
    Indole-3-carbinol, which has many health benefits.
  • With Bio Amplify ™, the patented absorption complex from ASEA, the necessary
    Supplies components to ensure maximum bioavailability of all nutrients in VIA Source.
  • 100% vegan
  • No genetically modified ingredients
  • Gluten free
  • Capsules made of 100% plant cellulose


Already knew?

  • The usual Western diet lacks many important nutrients because the soils are leached out
    and foods are heavily processed.
  • Nutrients from wholesome foods are associated with their cofactors, which increase the absorption
    increase. As a result, vitamins and minerals based on natural foods
    superior to synthetic forms.
  • Some phytonutrients, e.g. Polyphenols from different berries, work more efficiently, though
    several species are present in the body at the same time. VIA Source contains the juices of 11
    different fruits that are rich in these cell protecting substances.


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