Is the use of ASEA safe?

ASEA is one of the most safe products on the planet.

Asea 4Fl Spray Dreieck c

There is almost nothing on the earth what is so safe for the body as ASEA.
It is safe as tap water, well water or Alikaliwasser.
More than 5 million dollars for tests and the basic technology
issued by ASEA and all the results show that the application of
ASEA for all tissues, organs and systems of the body is safe. The studies
tested the product on side effects, including endotoxins, cytotoxins and
genotoxins properties, reverse mutation, chromosomal aberration, and acute

This rigorous testing of a finished product set in the world of food
supplements an unprecedented exception dar. Why? Because it is expensive!
Who wants to pour $ 5,000,000 for Security Studies?

ASEA is ready.

We want you to know that each bottle, each serving and every sip
ASEA brings powerful benefits and at the same time for your body completely
is safe.

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